Rules & Policies

Masjid Rules & Policies


  • All personal or public announcements should be in writing and approved by Imam or MCWS Board.
  • Approved announcements can be made by Imam or whoever is leading the prayer and should ONLY be announced by the Imam.
  • No exceptions are allowed.
  • Announcements for Jumma’ah prayer should be emailed to theMCWS Communications Coordinator or the MCWS Assistant Administrator by Thursday 5:00pm Eastern Time.
  • All announcements should be dropped in the Community Drop Box (even those that have to be printed in the MCWS Newsletter or displayed on the notice board).


  • No public donations or collections are allowed without the consent of MCWS / Masjid Board or the Imam. No Exceptions allowed.
  • MCWS/Masjid will not be responsible for donations to any unauthorized fund drive.
  • Donations for MCWS General Funds goes towards meeting MCWS Expenses which include Prayer Area, Wudu, Bathrooms and Main Lobby Area.
  • ZAKAT funds are distributed by MCWS to the needy and deserving communities at large or given to local Reputed Charitable Organizations.
  • All other funds are considered as Sadaqa or Charity and go to Muslim Family Services (MFS) in Detroit.
  • No funds will be given to any Foreign Organization(s) or individual(s).

Gymnasium Usage Policy

  • The Masjid/MCWS use is limited to dinners, educational and social events.
  • For all private usage, please contact the Crescent School Principal – Secretary at 734-729-1000.
  • Members of MCWS are allowed to play Volley Ball or Basketball after approval from MCWS Sports Coordinator.
  • Non-Members or any outside group have to ask for permission prior to any event from MEC (event) or to the MCWS Sports Coordinator (for playing Basketball/other activities).


  • Detail cleaning is done twice a year and before Ramadan under the supervision of Masjid Cleaning Committee
  • Daily cleaning is done after school hours and Isha Salat.
  • Please inform the Masjid Committee Incharge if you want to organize any cleaning event.

Library Usage Guidelines

  • Click here for detailed Library Rules and Regulations.
  • Please contact the Librarian or the MCWS Masjid Coordinator for more details.
  • The Library has a minimum donation of $10 (lifetime) for MCWS Members and non-members alike.

Sunday School Guidelines

Advertising Policy

  • Click here for MCWS detailed policy regarding advertising.
  • All commercial or private ads can be posted on the designated Public Notice Board located at the left side of the Main Entrance.
  • All ads will be taken out after 2 weeks.
  • Please put the posted date on the ad.
  • All other types of un-Islamic ads or materials will be removed immediately.

Notice Board Policy

  • Only MCWS/Masjid related news or approved article or news is allowed inside the MCWS Notice Board.
  • Contact Masjid Committee for any questions or suggestions.

Parking Policy

  • Please remember to park at the designated spots and not to park in front of the Masjid or any of the prohibited zones. Vehicles can be towed at owners’ expense.
  • Remember to park appropriately and not to block anyone especially at Jumma’ah or Taraweeh Prayers.
  • Do not park in the Imam’s and special guest’s designated spots.

Marriage (Nikah) Policy

  • Please click here

Funeral Services Policy

Photocopy Usage Guideline

  • The Copying Machine is inside the Library and is used by the following approved groups:
    • Library
    • School (Sunday/Summer)
    • YMFA
    • Imam
    • MCWS or its underline Committee members
  • For general public, there is a charge of $0.10 cents /copy.
  • Bulk copying is not allowed.

Phone / Fax Usage Policy

  • Our phone is located inside the Library and anyone is allowed to use it in case of an emergency.
  • There is no Internet Facility available.
  • The Fax machine is only to be used by an authorized MCWS/Masjid member.
  • Private Fax(s) is not allowed.

Projector / Pull Down Screen Usage Policy

  • Only to be used by MCWS/Masjid/Imam and Sunday School for its presentations.
  • Not for renting or private/public usage.
  • And not to be taken out of the vicinity at any time.

Complaint / Suggestion Policy

  • Should be hand written and either dropped in the Community Drop Box (located in Men’s Lobby) or given to Imam.
  • Loud voice or discussions are not allowed inside the Prayer Area.
  • For any complaint or suggestion, please send an email to appropriate committee member. Click here for MCWS Committees contact information.