Adopt a Highway

DSC_0307Drivers cruising I-275 will now see a couple of Adopt-A-Highway signs prominently featuring MCWS. The signs on I-275 were recently put up by M-DOT in recognition of MCWS’s participation in the state’s Adopt a Highway program. MCWS began this program earlier this year, and to date has performed 2 clean-up outings. Each clean-up effort drew approximately 15 brothers, and each outing lasted approximately 3 to 4 hours.

Any organization can adopt stretches of Michigan highways. An application is filed with the State, typically followed-up with a meeting with M-DOT. And upon approval of this application, a permit is issued. At that point, the organization is committed to cleaning-up the designated portion of the highway three times per year. The highway sign is put up and will be there for as long as the organization maintains its commitment of 3 clean-up outings per year, and for MCWS it is every April, July and September.

Due to the popularity of the Adopt a Highway program, almost every part of the strategic highways in metro Detroit are already adopted by other groups. In many instances, there are even waiting lists of groups wanting to adopt specific “high-visibility” stretches of the highway.

Alhamdulillah, after working with M-DOT for a few months, MCWS was able to adopt a very strategic stretch of the highway, and one that is also very close to our masjid.

The motivation and reason behind our effort is two-fold. First and foremost, it is in partial fulfillment of our duty as Muslims to pro-actively engage in activities that positively impact the local society in which we live. Secondly, it is a da’wa effort. In addition to telling others about the concept of cleanliness in Islam, demonstrating such actions can serve as an example to re-inforce what Islam teaches.

This effort is achieved only when members from our community come forward and help volunteer a few hours every year. If you would like to volunteer for this or any other project please contact any Shura Member or click here to submit your information.

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Some Tips:

  1. Wear full sleeves and Sweat Pants.
  2. Wear warm water proof jacket
  3. Wear boots with socks
  4. Put Mosquito Repellents
  5. Bring a water bottle
Questions? Contact Event Coordinators:
Abdullah Haydar or Ahmed Siddik
[email protected]