IQRA Library Rules and Policies


Following the Iqra Library circulation policy is very important to successfully running the library. Following policy is applied for circulation of materials:

  • Books – Maximum 5 books per Patron for 4 weeks
  • Audio – Maximum 2 CDs/Cassettes per Patron for 1 weeks
  • Video – Maximum 2 CDs/Cassettes per Patron for 1 weeks


All Library material can be renewed once and in person only, provided no one has reserved it.


Library users can place reservations for library material that are on loan. Download the library reservation form by clicking here or from MCWS Forms Page. Fill up the form and give it to the librarian or drop it in the Library drop box.

Library Usage Policy

  • Purpose of library is to increase our Islamic knowledge. Any other activity, unless authorized by library committee or MCWS shura, will not be allowed in the library.
  • Must require a membership card to borrow library material for home.
  • Library card can be obtained by registering at the circulation desk.
  • No books or library materials may be taken out of the Library unless issued by the librarian.
  • Unauthorized removal of library materials or any misconduct will lead to serious action.
  • All borrowers must settle any overdue loans before they are permitted to borrow again.
  • Reference materials are to be used only in the Library.


  • No eating or drinking in the library.
  • No form of socializing is allowed in the library.
  • Should maintain silence at all time.
  • Brothers and sisters should strictly respect library timings and rules.