Funeral Services

MCWS now offers an Online Burial Services Request Form for burial at Knollwood Memorial Park in Canton.

This form must be submitted to Dennis Herman c/o Knollwood Memorial Park – email at [email protected] prior to burial.

Your online form will be automatically submitted to the MCWS and Knollwood Reps for timely action. Please call the Knollwood office to follow up with your burial arrangement and final payment. A copy of your burial request form will also be emailed to you. There is no charge to MCWS.

For additional info, please call:

  • For Brothers – Br. Asif Hussain (313-805-6795) / Br. Ihtesham Shahid (734-674-3996)
  • For Sisters – Sister Ayesha Naseer Qayyum (734-716-6452) or Sr. Shawana Noor (734-233-8726)

Rehman Funeral Services (313) 366-2310) / will arrange for Ghusl and Overnight Storage (if needed) at the Masjid Madinatul Ilm (Qari Noman – 734) 834-9294) and MCWS Rep will contact you for Janazah Prayer date confirmation and send announcement to the community.

CLICK HERE –> Request Online Burial Service

General Info and Cost Details

The cost details of the funeral are in the below attached document.  This includes

  1. Funeral Home Services by Rahman Funeral Home
  2. Burial Services by Knollwood Memorial Park

thumbnail of MCWS Burial Expenses Agreement

Knollwood Memorial Park Burial

The agreement between Knollwood Park and MCWS are detailed in the the attached agreement.

thumbnail of Knollwood Agreement 07FEB2018