Opening Our Very Own, Unique “Cafe Medina!

We are excited to announce that our cornerstone cafe is nearly ready to open, a model space for gatherings, youth engagement, community socials, or simply a delicious cup of coffee.

MCWS has partnered with Shibam Coffee, our in-house roasters, known for their premium, organic, single-origin coffee, harvested from the highlands of Yemen, the birthplace of coffee. Shibam implements fair trade practices, employs 29 generational farmers, and proudly supports education, health, and development projects that align with their values of quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. Every cup of coffee supports these initiatives.

Dual-Purpose Cafe: community Space + waqf

What is truly exciting is that the Cafe Medina model will serve 2 purposes:

  1- Bring together community
  2- Provide financial stability & long-term sustainability

50% of  profits will go directly to MCWS, owner of all of the equipment, furniture, and space. This makes Cafe Medina a waqf (endowment) for our community.

Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to make our community in Canton more sustainable financially as well as socially, inshaAllah.

Crossing the Finish Line– Help Us Fund Furniture and Decor 🪑

We have completely renovated the corner of the MAC (Medina Activity Center) by combining two rooms, removing the drop ceiling, and completing a top-to-bottom redesign transformation of the space.

Our design team tried to carefully recreate many design elements inspired by Calm Street Cafe in Doha, Qatar, meticulously studied as our model cafe and design inspiration.

Now we need your help to furnish the cafe with all furniture, decor, and final design elements that will bring Cafe Medina to match the intended vision and make it a model space for our community. 

All that’s left is the decoration and furnishings – and we need your help!

Sponsor a part of Cafe Medina!

Please consider sponsoring a chair, table, sofa etc. and let’s get this Cafe going ASAP!

  • Regular Chair –
  • Lounge Chair – $2,500
  • Sofa – $3,000