MCWS Board (Shura) Election Results 2023

MCWS Election committee is pleased to announce the results of the 2023 MCWS Shura Elections. 

Of the 18 nominations received, 2 were not eligible and 11 declined. The five who accepted their nominations were declared elected unopposed for the five (5) seats. 

For the next 4 years, the 5 newly elected shura members are:

Sorted by their last name –

  1. Haaris Ahmad
  2. Rizwan Ateequi
  3. Noura Huraibi
  4. Khadija Peracha
  5. Imran (Murtaza) Zahoor

MCWS Election Committee would like to extend their best wishes to all the elected members. May ALLAH (SWT) put barakah in their time and effort.

Thank you.


List of Nominations received by community members before the deadline.

* Sorted by first name

  1. Abdul Razakou
  2. Adnan Latif
  3. Amin Jibreel
  4. Haaris Ahmad
  5. Imran Zahoor
  6. Jawad Anwar
  7. Khadija Peracha
  8. Naveed Khan
  9. Noura Horaibi
  10. Riaz Saiyed
  11. Rizwan Ateeqi
  12. Salman Noor
  13. Shahid Hussain
  14. Syed Arif
  15. Yasir Farhan
  16. Omar Kayani
  17. Mohanned Hasani
  18. Tareq Mahmood

Final list will be posted on Monday Nov 7th inshallah after receiving consents from nominees
The timeline for the Election is posted below:

2023 MCWS Election Timeline
Finalize Letter and Announcement for Members/Voters10/16/2022
Nomination Form distribution/10/17/2022
Election Nominations Closed10/31/2022
Election Nomination Withdraw Deadline – Final Nomination List11/6/2022
Complete printing of Ballots and Nominees Profile for mailing11/11/2022
Complete Mailing/Re-mailing Ballots11/20/2022
Last postmark date to receive ballots12/5/2022
Ballots received until this date12/10/2022
Ballots Counting12/11/2022
Final Announcement after Isha Salat12/12/2022

MCWS Election Committee
Syed Raza (chair)
Jawad Anwar (member)
Abdoul Razak Hamissou (member)
Zaki Hussaini (member)

Questions/Feedback –